OJG are guided by our Vision, Mission and Values. They are the basis by which we make our decisions, interact with our clients and employees and they are the foundation on which the company culture is built.


Our Vision is “not to be the biggest, but to be the best”.

OJG strives to provide a superior service to each of its Clients and it is this continual push for excellence that guides and inspires us in all of our interactions.


Our Mission is “to deliver competitive, efficient and industry best-practice solutions to our clients as partners whilst nurturing the development and well-being of our employees”.


With the knowledge and commitment that PEOPLE are our most important resource, we deliver our outcomes with:

PASSION: We attack every challenge with enthusiasm and with the ultimate commitment and belief that no one can deliver a better or safer outcome.

EXCELLENCE: The legacy of the company founder, and the foundation that OJG was built on and continues to strive towards.

OUTSIDE OF SQUARE: We always strive to be innovative with our solutions and never accept the status quo.

PRIDE: To always deliver the highest quality outcomes, in the safest possible manner and to celebrate the achievements of the company with our greatest asset – our employees.

LOYALTY: To build trusting and respectful relationships with our clients and employees so that we become both a contractor and employer of choice.

EXTRA MILE:We never accept that close enough is good enough.