OJG was founded by the late Obrad Gledich in 1995 after he recognised that there was an opportunity to provide a better service to the Water Corporation in Western Australia with regards to the supply and installation of Mild Steel Cement Lined (“MSCL”) piping systems. Obrad spent the formative years driving across Western Australia completing project after project from the back of his utility developing a brand built on excellence.

Whilst growing the company, Obrad specifically recruited experienced personnel to ensure that his highly specialised team of boilermakers, welders, riggers, site operators, pipe lining renderers and supervisors were all committed to achieving the excellence that the company was founded on and to ensure that all works were performed at a standard second to none.
Over its history, OJG worked closely with the Water Corporation of Western Australia to become a major supplier of fabrication and installation services. As a result of these efforts, OJG are proud to have been pre-qualified by the Water Corporation on three of their construction panels including:

  • Pipe Spooling Fabrication and Installation;
  • Maintenance Welding on Pipelines; and
  • Structural Steel Fabrication.

With the passing of Obrad Gledich in 2011, Sandra Stefanovich took over the Managing Director role with the passion and desire to expand upon the foundation provided by her father. In this time, OJG has continued to foster the close relationship it has with Water Corporation whilst expanding its Client listing to some of the leading civil, mining and industrial contractors in Australia.
Since those humble beginnings, OJG is now considered an industry leader in the fabrication and installation of MSCL piping systems and structural steel fabrication. It has also expanded into stainless steel fabrication, minor civil works, maintenance and the provision of specialised labour.
Built upon a legacy of excellence, OJG continues its commitment to delivering a superior service with health and safety at the forefront of everything we do.